Empower Network Review vs. Four Corners Alliance Group

empower-network-reviewThe Empower Network has achieved cult status, amassing over a hundred thousand followers.

(Most have since moved on, ton of them joined Digital Altitude).

The movement has sparked curiosity on the internet as it has managed to stay relevant after it’s October 2011 launch.

Why are people joining Empower Network?

Along with providing a blogging platform as their trophy product, their line of information products claim to teach people to make money online. It’s not like traditional MLM (FG Xpress and 4 Corners come to mind).

It reveals ways to connecting with consumers, growing a customer base and maximizing interests in services and products. This leads to increased online business sales, profits and revenues.

In other words: creating more traffic, capturing more leads and converting more sales.

How did Empower Network start?

Empower Network was founded by David Sharpe and David Wood. Both men have seen their share of tough times: Wood was formerly penniless, living out of his van with his hot wife, and Sharpe is a former alcoholic that worked in construction.

Together, the two men decided to combine talents and surround themselves with the best team. They wanted to generate more than a product. They wanted to create a culture, and a movement came to pass.

The scam label comes from different angles: people are called ‘wussies’ for not taking action. Events seem very ‘cult-esque’ as the founder, David Wood, gets the audience to repeat after his words. And some claim to feeling hypnotized to join.

Launched in October 2011, the co-founders had expected an initial membership of about 1,500 with a pay out of commissions in the $150 to $200,000 range in the first 30 days. Instead, they ended up with 13,000 members and pay outs in the $2,000,000 range. It was the start of the fasting growing online marketing business in history – for better or for worse.

After server crashes and a month-long issue of merchant issues, Empower Network had officially hit its first wall. Many people bailed. But somehow, the founders kept fighting and the movement continued.

What is Empower Network culture?

Sticking to their mantra of “fighting the forces of evil”, the program has been consistent to their grass-rooted culture of empowering the people. Empower Network products show clients ways to generate financial security through blogging and internet marketing – giving people an outlet to control their financial destiny.

The solutions demonstrate how to efficiently grow revenues, profits and sales, and increase any customer base. The line of Empower Network products present a powerful method of online marketing seldom found elsewhere on the internet. Only people who are making north of $30,000/mo are typically invited to provide company training for their products.

It could be these high earners that can also attribute to the scam label. Many people take these income successes as guarantees. After not seeing results in the first few weeks, some get frustrated and deem the entire system a scam.

The internet world has never been so mislead and broke. Most aren’t making any money, some are only making a few hundred dollars a month and only a top percentile are raking in 6 figure months.

Note: [August 2013] Although results not typical, Empower Network has produced well over 200 six figure earners. 3 affiliates have eclipsed the 1 million mark.

Empower Network claims to provide its members with all the tools they need to take business to a new level of comfort, security and financial success. But as always, they will remind you that the rest will depend on your strategy, determination and perseverance.

What should I expect with Empower Network?

To make money with Empower Network, you will need people to see your lead capture pages. You can address many of the other psychological factors that take place (taking daily action, daily audio, daily blogging, etc) that are also very important, but at the end of the day, your income will only increase if you have qualified people watching the Empower Network video.

Qualified traffic can be through organic traffic (blogging, social media & search engine optimization) or paid traffic sources.

What Happens After I Become A Member?

Once you become a member, Empower Network will send you everything you need to start a blog, including high conversion squeeze pages (lead capture pages). You will also receive a series of training videos – both for blogging and for internet marketing methodologies.

The blogging process includes creating useful, original and compelling content. Blogging information that people will want to read that gives value. Reiterating the same sentiments and thoughts will only cause your audience to dwindle. It has to be relevant and quality, giving people a reason to want to read it as frequently as you change it.  Traffic and rankings tend to do better on the blog because of the authority of the website – which is a top 500 website in the world, according to Alexa.

From scratch you will have a powerful blog that can be set up in a matter of minutes without a lot of energy and time. With the roll-out of Empower Network 2.0, this process will eventually be possible through a smart phone or tablet. You will also be able to manage and work across multiple domains, making it possible to manage an entire internet marketing empire from your smartphone.

Empower Network Conclusion

No system is perfect, of course. There are many reasons why one could hate on the movement and write it off as a scam. Many affiliates spam their social media platforms – even their own Empower Network blogs – with shameless promotion and useless information. That could effect the Google rankings of any entity associated with the Empower Network.

Other affiliates also promise guaranteed incomes, which only gives the system a bad representation.

Another setback is the Empower Network will have all proprietary rights to your work. Other people have speculated that they will eventually take control of your blog.

However, the Empower Network system comes with a series of built-in marketing capabilities that is proven to generate leads and convert sales. And, to put it simply, no other training program in the niche has seen the same amount of success as Empower Network. Thousands of people have already made an online commission with Empower Network.

How far a member takes the business will depend on them, but Empower Network products take the guesswork out of the equation. They supply (current and updated) advanced techniques for driving traffic, making the objective very simple and clear for it’s affiliates: drive traffic to lead capture pages.

That’s it. Empower Network has a high-converting sales funnel that does the rest for you.

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