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Empower Network ProductsEmpower Network Products Reviewed (2014)

Hopefully you came here to get the full truth about Empower Network products. With so many vague and nebulous reviews out there, I wanted to give you a real review.

Empower Network is an affiliate marketing company that sells a variety of information products. If you haven’t seen my Empower Network review, that would be wise to check out now.

One must purchase at least one Empower Network product to become part of the team, and the value of the product or products you purchase determines the tools you have access to in the program as well as your earning potential. People who go “all in” by buying all of the Empower Network products spend the most money, but they easily have the highest earning potential as well.

Here are the five main products offered by the Empower Network, along with the pros and cons of each.

1. Viral Blogging System

This is the cheapest information product sold by the Empower Network and the least you will have to buy to start making money with the company. It costs $25 a month and that amount is automatically withdrawn from your credit card each month until you cancel.

Some of the benefits of the Viral Blogging System include:

A “done for you” Empower Network blog with a ready-made squeeze page that has been tested for high conversions.

Downloadable daily checklists for what you need to do each day to make money with your blog.

This oozes out MLM leads.

Simple instructions.

The ability to rank your blog very high and very quickly (although I still prefer my own blog for Empower). The blog is hosted on the Empower Network domain, which has a lot of authority, so this benefits your blog’s rankings.

You don’t just have to promote the Empower Network on your blog. You can use it to promote other affiliate marketing products and make plenty of extra money from your blog’s high level of exposure.

The downsides of the Viral Blogging System include:

Not owning your blog.

The Empower Network owns it and you’d lose all of the work you put into the blog if the company ever closed.

There is a potential for bloggers to mis-use the blogging platform for spam and lower the authority and ranking power of the Empower Network.

Obviously, it’s a good idea to own your own blog in addition to the Empower Network blog. You should also back up all the posts you put on your Empower Network blog. There is some risk, but it’s an excellent tool to have in your basket as one of many. It can definitely help you get your feet wet and see your first successes with affiliate marketing.

2. Inner Circle Membership

This second product is $100 per month until you decide to cancel. This product is essentially the leadership voice of Empower Network.

Some pros of the Inner Circle Audios include:

New motivational audios posted every week or two.

Audios are basically pep talks and advice given by affiliate marketing leaders. This is invaluable information from the insiders.

The cons to this product include:

The audios are available for free if you call in to the Empower Hour calls on Monday nights. If you need to listen to them any other time, the $100 a month is for that convenience. It’s kind of a steep price for such a convenience.

3. Costa Rica Intensive

This product has a one-time cost of $500. It’s not a recurring charge, so once you’ve paid for it, there are no additional costs associated with it.

Pros of the Costa Rica Intensive:

It’s a non-recurring charge.

You get access to 11 videos of a live mastermind event in Costa Rica that was held by the company’s founders just before they started the Empower Network.

The vidos have unique content that includes affiliate marketing business strategies you probably haven’t and won’t hear anywhere else.
Some of the most successful people in the Empower Network are featured in these videos and their stories are fascinating.

Cons of the Costa Rica Intensive include:

The information in the videos may be a bit out of date, since the conference took place a few years ago, although more than likely it should be updated soon.

The information presented is more general in nature. It’s not a step-by-step course.

4. The 15k/mo Formula

This is also a non-recurring payment. The product has a one-time cost of $1,000.

Pros of the $15k Formula:

These training’s are given by the most successful people in the Empower Network, so the information is coming from people who know how to make this program work. Typically $30,000/mo earners.

There are downloadable study guides available after each webinar.

The information you get is all up to date and is based on what is working now. What works in affiliate marketing is always changing, so getting updated information for your business is important.

The information given is very detailed. These people talk about how they succeeded in every aspect of their Empower Network business, so you can copy just what they did and are currently doing. Topics include blogging, paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, etc.

Cons of the $15k Formula:

The price. $1,000 is pretty expensive and a lot of beginners might not be able to afford it. Since it’s the beginners who need this information the most, the price is a real drawback, because the $15k Formula is arguably the most important Empower Network product.

5. Masters Course

This product has a one-time, non-recurring fee of $3,500.

Pros of The Masters Course:

You get 41 videos from a recent Empower Network retreat. Only the top 100 earners in the company were invited to attend this retreat.
You don’t have to be one of the top earners in the company or pay $5,000 to attend the retreat in person, yet you still get all of the information from it.

The methodologies told by those who attended the retreat will give you very actionable steps you can take in your business to take it to the next level of earning immediately.

Cons of The Masters Course:

Again, the price puts it out of reach for most beginning marketers.

Beginning marketers won’t get as much out of this product as intermediate and above marketers. The material presented in these videos is more advanced than just basic and is for people with some marketing experience. Many of the videos are designed to help the internet marketer who has ‘plateaued’ at $10,000/mo and wants to make $50,000/mo. That type of thing.

The Empower Network encourages you to go “all in” when you begin with them. This means buying all five products at once. They say this is the best way to make money quickly with the company.

The products are all very valuable and it is obvious the company is nowhere close to peaking, as the company started less than two years ago. The company is considered to have the most successful infoproduct launch in history.

Get Started: Join Empower Network

Again, would I recommend buying all of the products at once? I would buy the top 4, and wait a month or two so you have the time to digest the information in the first products. Then, when you have made a few sales, get the Master’s Course. You qualify yourself to make 100% commissions on all of the products, so it is important not to wait to buy the products, or your sales will pass-up to your sponsor.

In closing, give this company 90 days. I have made a lot of money with Empower Network (even a $4,500 day) and I feel that the training is the best on the internet. I come from a solid internet marketing background and was trained at a nationally-recognized SEO agency, and I still learned much more through the Empower Network products.

There are so many pretenders out there. At the end of the day, you want to listen to the right people. For Empower Network members, this means people making over $30,000/mo on the internet.

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